Goals and Accomplishments

Goals For the Next Four Years

Assistance for Those in Need:

1) Expedite recovery for victims of the Thomas Fire, 2) Renovate a crime-ridden motel to provide safe housing and services for victims of abuse and people facing homelessness, 3) Convert a soon-to-be-vacant fire station into a veterans hall, 3) Create a drought tolerant plant nursery that employs people with mental illness for job-training and a pathway to recovery, and 4) Convene Senior Summits to meet the needs of our growing senior population.

Healthy Environment:

We need to lead the way to clean and sustainable energy, something I am championing as chair of the Energy Alliance, and conserve natural resources, including eliminating poisons and pollution and reusing stormwater. Together we must also do our part to keep mountain lions and other wildlife in our region from being hit by cars, something we can do with fencing, development standards, and a wildlife bridge over the 101 freeway. Acquisition of Conejo Mountain parcels for open space, wetland preservation, completion of the Carlisle Trail, and the addition of hundreds of acres of parkland are goals I am currently working on as well as fighting back efforts to weaken SOAR. 

Financial Accountability:

Fiscally conservative policies instituted when I got on the Board must continue. Elimination of wasteful spending, structurally balanced budgets, a solid reserve fund and process improvements, all go to increase the County’s bond ratings and save tax dollars. 

Better Transportation:

Providing more options for non-drivers, and safer, less congested roads for those who do drive, including 1) Expanding bus service, access, and convenience, including expanding the service area for the free Kanan Shuttle that currently serves Oak Park and Agoura Hills, 2) Making roads safer for bicyclists and commuters, including adding a bicycle lane to the gravel shoulders of Potrero Road in Hidden Valley while protecting the oaks and rural character of the area, 3) Ensuring adequate road capacity before approving new development, 4) Adding traffic signals to crosswalks, adding crossing guards for school children, and safe separate bike paths.


Accomplishments of the Last Four Years

  • Organized “Unity in the Community” an event of compassion and respect for others, in response to local acts of hatred and bigotry.
  • Reinstated the County’s Ethics Commission to further transparency and openness in government.
  • Made transportation safer and easier by ending gridlock at the 118/Somis Road intersection, adding a signalized crosswalk for school children in Newbury Park, and starting a free popular bus service in Oak Park.
  • Secured two million dollars from a landfill operator for purchase of parkland.
  • Expanded access to quality health care, opening a new 250-bed hospital wing, a mental health rehabilitation center, and a children’s crisis center.